A social-dancing Robot with Arduino and MQTT

Last month I was invited to give a talk at the WSO2 EU Conference on Open Source software for the IoT vs WSO2 modules. During the event a nice hackathon took also place. We were asked to build in 6 hours a robot, based on an Arduino UNO and a CC3000 WiFi shield that would do some dance and interact with the WSO2 platform.

The goal was bit optimistic for the time given, but still, using also some additional time until the end of the event (hackathon took place on the 1st day), I managed to build the social-dancing Robot that was demonstrated during the closing of the event:

The idea was to make the robot more IoT-enabled and interactive with the audience. So, I built a webpage that runs on a smartphone and gets events from the tilt sensor of the phone and delivers a dancing command to the robot through MQTT. When more than 2 people use the webpage and tilt (dance with) their phones, the command changes, and the robot performs a different-better type of dance.

Full source code here.

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