Update on Philips Hue Node-RED Node

Based on recent communication with guys from Node-RED, the Hue node has been modified to include the following features:

  • You can now set also the brightness level (0->100) of a lamp
  • By setting the status to AUTO, you can set the lamp parameters using the message on the input node as follows:
    • msg.lamp sets the lamp ID
    • msg.color sets the lamp color (e.g., msg.color=”DF0101″ will set the color to red)
    • msg.brightness sets the lamp brightness (e.g., msg.brightness=50)
    • msg.payload is used to se the lamp status (on/off/alert) (e.g., msg.payload=”alert” will flash the Lamp once

    Please note, by setting the status to AUTO on the node configuration, the rest of the node parameters are ignored, you need to set all parameters through the message input.

You can find the current version of Hue node here (hardware->hue).

By the way, current Node-RED version is 0.7.1, which includes some nice new features, including headless mode, UI updates and more!

Also, make sure you check the flows published by users here!

So, here is a nice example for flashing a Hue Lamp when #iot is used on Twitter:

[{"id":"e973b4e.f168c48","type":"twitter in","twitter":"","tags":"#iot","user":"false","name":"iot","topic":"tweets","x":111,"y":128,"z":"d192ee66.2e6d1","wires":[["a2a6b979.5d5948","74b8bc6d.8b4744"]]},{"id":"a2a6b979.5d5948","type":"function","name":"set_payload","func":"msg.payload = \"alert\";\nmsg.lamp = 2;\n\nreturn msg;","outputs":1,"x":286,"y":127,"z":"d192ee66.2e6d1","wires":[["aef74415.5108b8"]]},{"id":"aef74415.5108b8","type":"HueNode","name":"FlashHue","username":"","discovery_mode":"","lamp_id":"2","color":"EBF5FF","brightness":"100","lamp_status":"AUTO","x":467,"y":127,"z":"d192ee66.2e6d1","wires":[[]]},{"id":"74b8bc6d.8b4744","type":"debug","name":"","active":true,"console":false,"complete":false,"x":254,"y":224,"z":"d192ee66.2e6d1","wires":[]}]

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