Makerland 2014

Makerland 2014, the first event of this Makerland series, took place in Warsaw, Poland between 17-19 March. I have to say it was definitely a big success and a positive experience for anyone that has participated! 350 makers have attended and made stuff by either participating in one of the numerous tutorials or by hacking and making things on the last day.

The venue has been great, and the Makerland team has done their best! Many local and international companies were also there demonstrating their products.

The first two days were full of keynotes and workshops. Participants learned to do wearable computing:

Learned how to use the RaspberryPi to detect when hens have eggs:

Played with micro-drones:

Controlled Sphero Robot balls using Arduinos and JavaScript (thanks to cylonjs):

And of course, learned how to use Node-RED to control the Philips Hue!

The venue was also full of 3D printers that printed cool stuff all the time!

There were even portable 3D scanners tested on participants!

The last day the hackathon took place, where almost 300 people had the chance to play with all available hardware and goodie’s from workshops and sponsors and create cool projects!

UPDATE: Check some of the cool hackathon projects here!

Overall it was an awesome experience, I had a great time, met wonderful and talented people and made new friend and of course learned new things and making and hacking stuff!

A big thanks to the Makerland team and looking forward to the next event!

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