Overview of the #iot hackathon

We had a great time at the #iot hackathon on Saturday May 25th. Attendance was great, the venue became ful and people set up teams immediately and started working on their hacks!

The participants “self-configured” in 10 different teams that competed using openPicus hardware, Seeedstudio sensors and actuators, as well as the Cloud infrastructure from IoTango.

Flyport & Seeedstudio Goodies

The Hackathon was organized and supported by CREATE-NET and the IoT Italy group and was held as part of WhyMCA event Hack Reality 2.

The best hacks that used WiFi Flyport boards, sensors and actuators and communicated over the Internet have been awarded. The final winners list has been the following:

1st prize went to the ‘Smart Fridge’: A hack that monitors how often you use your fridge, monitors missing goods and that can lock your fridge and unlock it in specific timeslots to save you from eating snacks and gaining weight! The hack also lets your social network friends know when you don’t stick to your diet program!

The ‘smart’ fridge

2nd prize went to the ‘Smart car – Safe drive’: A hack that checks driver’s alcohol levels, alerts driver through a buzzer and notifies family. It also allows to call a taxi driver to assist with ‘drunk’ driver delivery safe at home!

The 2nd prize team

3rd prize went to the youngest team of participants (ITT Buonarroti Trento High School) for building an automated heat cooling system!


3rd place winners

All prizes were sponsored by CREATE-NET and IoTango and included Amazon gift vouchers for the winning teams. The IoT Hackathon was the first of an event series to be organized by CREATE-NET in the context of the Internet of Things, so there is more to come!

There was even a kid’s corner, where kids had the opportunity to play with littlebits and experience the joy of connecting electronic parts together and watching various outputs.

Kid’s corner with Littlebits


More photos from the event can be found here.

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