#iot hackathon fever!

The first Internet of Things Hackathon is taking place shortly (May 25th) between Milan and Trento, Italy. The event is part of the Hack Reality 2 organised by WhyMCA.

The #iot hackathon is quite special because:

1) It is the first Internet of Things hackathon

2) It is the first hackathon to take place in two different geographical locations at the same time

3) In Trento, It will take place in  bar!

Topics of interest for projects include Web & Mobile, Automotive, Internet of Things, Wearable Devices, Smart Cities, M-Payments, Home Automation.

Participants (need to register here) will have the opportunity to play with Flyport WiFi modules by openPicus, dozens of sensors and actuators from Seeedstudio, the Cloud service provided by IoTango and build creative projects that will communicate over the Internet. The main goal is to motivate people from Milan and Trento to work together for building iot hacks. Great prizes for the winning teams include 750€, 500€ and 320Amazon gift cards!

Register here for the event!

More info.

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