QS Europe 2013: QS + IoT + Motivation

QuantifiedSelf Europe conference is taking place this May (11-12) in Amsterdam. It is a big community meeting for makers and users interested in self-tracking tools and technologies! The program consists of talks and breakout sessions.

I will be chairing the ‘Internet of Things’ breakout session. The main objective is to drive discussions with the audience about IoT and QS convergence. Some of the topics to be included for discussion are listed here:

  • IoT basics
  • How IoT drives self-tracking
  • How can QS be improved though IoT and IoS
  • IoT driving motivation for better tracking

Any thoughts on material to include for discussion are more than welcomed. Please drop a message or send an email.

I am also running a short survey about QS, IoT and motivation here. Any input is welcomed, results will be presented at the conference and on this blog as well.

I will also present the results from my own self-tracking experiment and especially how the Fitbit hack has helped me to reach my goals.

Btw, the blog post about the Fitbit hack has reached great visibility. The hack has been already featured in articles on The Huffington Post and The Wall Street Journal!


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