IoT Day talk: IoT basics, current status, future

IoT Day has passed and from what it looks it was a great success! More than 18 events have been organised allover the world, with great talks, demos and big participation (judging from the tweets and the photos posted!).

I have been in Trento, Italy, presenting at the first IoTItaly event. Organisation was made by CREATE-NET and we had a great group of speakers (including Adrian McEwen from GNL team, Claudio Carnevali from openPicus, Matteo Collina, WhyMCA hackathon organisers, etc.).

About 50-60 people have attended and led to great discussions about IoT, technical aspects, business exploitation and the future of IoT!

My presentation about IoT basics, current status and the future can be found here:


More information about the event here.


One thought on “IoT Day talk: IoT basics, current status, future

  1. Hi, Can u please suggest the best Prototype board to start for experimenting with IoT, which has Wi-Fi,Cellular and ZigBee connectivity. I do not aim to do much coding, I look for easy IDE..Thanks & Rgds!

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