Preparing for the 2013 Internet of Things Day

On April 9th we ‘celebrate’ the Internet of Things Day! Established last year for the first time, the International IoT Day proved to be a great success with many contributions from IoT fans.

This year we hope to have even more contributions and events around the world. You don’t need necessary to make a hacking event or make a workshop (though it sounds very challenging), a small-large gathering of people and discussing about IoT can do great for an event!

You can find more information about events on 2012 IoT day here, as well as register your event for 2013 IoT Day here. Website brought by The Council and Postscapes.

I am preparing a workshop event as well, it will be lively broadcasted (details will follow) and people will be able to participate online. Drop me a comment if you are interested into participating and/or have an idea to discuss during the event!

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