The #OktoberfestOfThings

Thomas Amberg from Yaler together Marc Pous with have built the amazing #OktoberfestOfThings, an IoT-enabled beer mug that can count how often and how much beer the holder consumes during the famous Octoberfest in Munich, Germany!

The initial design has used an Arduino Nano, a BlueSMiRF-RN-v1 Bluetooth module and a Nexus S Android phone running a Bluetooth to Internet gateway app. They are using an ADXL335 accelerometer and a tilt switch to count sips. (Although it seems they initially came with much cooler ideas on that).

Data has been posted on

You can check more photos of the mug and the construction, as well as real-field testing here.

Just another proof that imagination can be the only limit for IoT-enabling devices and objects! Well done guys!

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