Hardware challenges for the IoT

Last month I was invited by Aeris Communications to present an IoT-related topic at the IoTSiliconValley Meetup. The Meetup group focuses on talks about the Internet of Things and M2M. Since previous talks had already introduced the concept of IoT to attendants and discussed various IoT platforms, I decided to present about hardware challenges for the IoT both from the makers and the manufacturer’s perspective.

In addition, the presentation included a brief introduction to the openPicus Flyport platform and a short demo.

The slides of the presentation can be found here:

The meeting took place at the famous Hacker Dojo!
The Hacker Dojo!
More than 60 people have attended with different backgrounds, experience on IoT and prototyping and different perspectives on the hardware challenges.
The WiFi vs RF debate section was a bit confusing (probably a title like WiFi vs Non-WiFi would be more appropriate) but it was quite interesting to see how attendees reacted on questions about using WiFi as a current networking solution for IoT products, about the future of ZigBee and the overall IoT hardware challenges.
People showed great interest also in the Flyport and asked many questions on hardware features, WiFi connectivity, programming environment and project integration.
Overall, it was a great experience, and hopefully more IoT presentations will follow (both near and far away from Silicon Valley…)
Many thanks to Aeris Communications for hosting the meetup and to everyone who attended!!

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