Feedback from OpenIoT – Notes from “The Body” discussion group

The OpenIoT weekend is over and I have to admit it, I had never thought it would be such an interesting and inspiring event! Lot’s of great people, a great place (Google campus) and great food as well!

People that attended had different backgrounds and thoughts about open data and user rights, but we all did manage after two long days full of discussions (and debates in some cases) to form a basic document that describes the fundamental rights of users for enabling the Open Internet of Things.

The document mainly suggests issues about:

  • Licensing (Data ownership, licensors, creators, etc.)
  • Accessibility (Royalties, parsers, etc.)
  • Timeliness (data resolution, etc.)
  • Privacy (what data is being collected, why, etc.)
  • Transparency

You can find the document here (and yes, please do put your name on it if you support what you read)!

On the first day I was leading “The Body” discussion group (about Quantified Self, wellness, user location tracking, etc.). More that 10 people have attended and contributed great ideas and concerns about how such data should be treated and what the user rights are.

As promised, I will soon compile the notes and put them online (probably will use the existing Google Group) so that people can review them, comment, and move on the discussion online so that we can come with something more concrete about QS and Open Data at the IoT!

For now, I am posting here the notes that contain the main highlights of the discussion (special thanks to Christine Perey for writing them down and also for being very inspiring!)


Check some photos from the event here.

If you have missed the event, or missed to follow the #openiot on Twitter, you can see the whole (Tweet) event stream here!

Many thanks to the people that have worked hard to make this event such a huge success: Alex Sonsino, Diana Proca, the volunteers, Usman and Ed from Cosm, Trevor Harwood (for his great effort on the initial draft and the google group), the Speakers, and anyone else I might forget. Many thanks to anyone having attended and contributed to the Document!

It’s been really nice to meet you guys!

Internet of Things can be Open, it is our right to demand for it, it is our right to form the way it can be!

Open the Internet of Things! Spread the news to the world! 😉

You can also check the weekend’s write-up from Andrew Back here

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