Interesting IoT findings and some news

I thought it would be nice to share some interesting IoT findings of the last few days:

A ship transmits location, speed and destination to Cosm! The captain must be a real IoT fun!


I have found interesting patterns of my heart pulse rate while looking the data history on Cosm.

As explained in previous post (My Heart Rate on the (Cosm) Cloud!) I am using an ear-clip based heart pulse monitor and my Android phone to transmit average pulse rate (bpm) on Cosm ( Looking back on the data I notice interesting patterns of my pulse, I can easily find out when I am sitted and working (most of the time), being mobile and also wearing the sensor after lunch! However the most interesting is how easy it is nowadays to save and visualize online personal data. I remember back in 2006 when I first started doing research on on-body sensors, we had to build two applications; one for collecting the data from sensors and one for storing and visualizing them on a computer or a mobile phone (windows ce and j2me old days!).


New hardware platforms for the IoT are being published and are dww (definitely worth-watching)

The first one is a Kickstarter project asking for your support. Tōd connects real world actions to mobile devices and to the Web. It consists of ultra small and low power Bluetooth 4.0 enabled Smart Beacons that are programmable and come with great features.


The second one is electric imp, a new startup that has managed to build a tiny WiFi card (at the size of an SD card) at very low cost (arnd 25$) with low power consumption. It also comes with great dev kits that enable direct Arduino communication

The IoT Open Assembly is gaining publicity and attendees. It will be a great event featuring interesting talks and will also give participants the opportunity to contribute to the Open Internet of Things Document and Vision. I am really excited to attend the event.

They have recently released the event schedule. So check it out and book an early ticket for ‘being part of the Open Internet of Things’ until June 1st!


Cosm on mobile devices
Some of you might already know that I have built an Android application for viewing feeds on Pachube (have not updated it to say Cosm yet):
Now I am developing something more special, named ‘VocalCosm’…details will follow soon!

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