Brush Monkey: The Internet-enabled toothbrush!

Well, title says it all, the IoT era is approaching fast, real fast!

The Brush Monkey is another example of embedded devices getting connectivity to the Interner enabling the information share with platforms and applications!

It’s a little silicone covered sensor that slides on to the bottom of any ordinary toothbrush.  It has a wireless circuit inside with an accelerometer that measures special patterns of forces when you brush your teeth. It connects to a base station (really tiny) that plugs directly to your Ethernet modem.

There is also an accompanying app (Brush Monkey App) that  makes your phone start buzzing and making funny monkey noises! When you brush your teeth for over 2 mins (experts say 3 mins is the ideal time) the monkey goes real crazy!

It also comes with an API for developers to make their own apps!

Want one? Become a baker of the project here!

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