The Good Night Lamp: An IoT enabled lamp to share with friends and family

My girlfriend’s family is the type of family that will call their daughter at least three-four times per day to make sure she has arrived home safely from work or any other occasion. I am not sure why and how it helps them to know the exact time she arrives home but definitely they do not use the numbers to make any predictions or publish on modern work habits!

So, the Good Night Lamp seems to be the perfect gift for them. It is a product startup of Designswarm Industries Limited and it can inform your friends or family whenever you are back home (or you want to say ‘hey people I am ok’, or ‘hey give me a call’, or whatever).

It is actually the first cloud-based lamp network bringing the “internet of things” to life in the home. It consists of a Big Lamp and a number of Little Lamps. The Big Lamp is controlled by you and the Little Lamps turn on and off accordingly. The prototype is based on an Arduino board and comes with a communication interface for direct connection to the Internet.

You can vote for startup-funding of the Good Night Lamp here.

I will definitely buy one kit. Looking forward to the release date (will be before Christmas 2012)!

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