The Book has been (finally) released!

Dear Arduino and IoT fans,

The time has come! The book has been finally released and you can purchase it right away through Createspace eBookStore. Soon it will also be available on Amazon and other online stores and bookstores worldwide!

You might also have noticed the new url address: has replaced

I would like to thank those you have sent emails expressing their interest in the book, the publication process and have sent constructive comments about the new site’s structure and layout.

I always remain at your disposal for questions, ideas, suggestions and corrections about the Book. All figures (full color and best available resolution) have also been added on the site for your convenience. The source code for each project will be added very shortly.

More info here:

You can also add my twitter account for direct news about IoT and Arduino updates: @BuildingIoT


PS: You do not need to subscribe to the new site. If for any reason you wish to be removed from this list, just reply to this message, replacing the subject with the word ‘remove’.

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