Blog is up – Book is coming!

Hi Arduino-fans, wannabe Arduino fans, electronic hobbyists, researchers in the domain of sensor networks and Cloud,  curious people about Internet of Things!!

I’ve set up this blog to support the content of my upcoming book “Arduino, Sensors, and the Cloud” (Apress ed.). Internet changes, sensor technologies change, Arduino is becoming worldwide known and constantly improved and extended (these days v1.0 will be released), Cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) platforms constantly grow and get enhanced with new features supporting more devices and sensor management over the Web!

All this ‘IoT’ information cannot be static and contained into a book. The book is just the introduction (and a bit more than that), to give you the basics to start with exploring the world of IoT through the help of the Arduino platform. Every time I come up with a new project, a new idea, a new information about an IoT platform it will be posted here to keep you updated!

Till then, check the contents of the book and the rest of the information on this site and make sure you subscribe to get the chance to a win a free copy of the book!

Make your Arduino talk to the world!

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